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Paths to School Improvement (PSI)
The Paths to School Improvement Program (PSI) is designed to assist and train Christian School leaders in standards of quality Christian schooling. The program is intentionally designed to be conducted in a cohort setting over a two-year period. During this time, a school sends at least two school leaders (up to four in all) to a session of training. This training ranges from a period of five days to just a two-day training at the end. In the training, the school leaders learn about a standard, the biblical basis for that standard, and ways that they can improve their school and show evidence of meeting that standard. The cohort of different schools allow the participants to be able to think in new ways that they may not have considered in their own school. When the training is completed for a session, the school leaders return to their school with an action plan for beginning the school improvement. Usually, a quarter or trimester of school passes before the next training session. This allows for time to enact parts of the action plan before learning about the next standards. Once the school leaders have learned all of the standards (five sessions of training, a total of 18 days of training), they return to their schools to enact the improvement. When they reach a sufficient level of improvement, they are affirmed by their peers and a PSI representative. If affirmed, they will receive a Paths to School Improvement school Certificate.

The PSI process builds a strong foundation for Christian schools by training school leaders in the following key standards.
Standard 1 – Foundations
Standard 2 – Leadership and Personnel
Standard 3 – Teaching and Learning
Standard 4 – Finances, Facilities, Health and Safety
Standard 5 – Spiritual Formation
Standard 6 – School Culture
Standard 7 – School Improvement and Development Plan

Transformational Leadership training;
The primary objective of this training program is for School heads to become highly skilled and efficient in school leadership, to significantly improve operations and achieve long-term sustainability and stay mission-true.

• Engagement with government as individual associations and as a member of the Christian movement in Uganda

• Membership Surveys to assist schools in budgeting, planning, benchmarking and Spiritual Formation assessment.

• ACSI conducts school evaluations and reviews to assess your school’s effectiveness in academics and leadership and management.

• Curriculum support: Training in Biblical Integration

• Publications: ACSI brings you a range of Student Editions in Bible Series, teacher and leadership books at affordable prices.

• Professional Development: Workshops, conferences and events

• Governance Workshops to assist School Boards to be more effective, are offered on request

• Networking: Opportunities to reach out to others of like mind with Christian schools worldwide

• Friendly Costs: All active member school access our services at subsidised costs

• Monthly Prayer Roster

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